Wacom tablet not working properly with Figma

I haven’t been able to use my Wacom tablet with Figma at all, because the Pan/Zoom option seems to not work correctly. Here’s a video of the behavior of this function in Figma, versus the expected behavior shown in Adobe Photoshop:

It doesn’t allow me to pan vertically, and both the horizontal panning and the zooming are way too sensitive despite being set to the lowest possibly value. What surprises me the most is that there are a couple of similar messages in the forum asking about the same bug, but none of them received any answers.

Figma is not optimised for Wacom or any drawing, unfortunately. I would suggest to just import final assets.

But I don’t intend to use Figma for drawing. I just use a tablet instead of a mouse to navigate because it is more comfortable and ergonomic, as many designers do. I only want the basic functions I showed in the video (zooming, panning…) to work properly, as they do in many other programs which aren’t even built for designers. And I imagine they do work properly for other people on Figma, because I’ve read people trying to troubleshoot this saying they don’t have this issue on Mac.

Also, this exact same problem affects FigJam as well, which is a program that should work great for drawing and writing with a tablet.