Visual and functional bugs in text field

Straight to the point;

I am regularly using FigJam’s text box to do desk-research, and end up with quite large text boxes.

To maintain context i like to differentiate text-size within one text box, in order to separate sections.

This works fine, until you add a “Numbered list” or “Bulleted List”.
First: There is a brief visual bug when bulleting:

  1. Create a text box
  2. Write a sentence in a large text size
  3. Write another paragraph in the same text box, in a smaller text size.
  4. Create a bullet point by writing - and pressing “Space”
  5. Create another bullet point in the same manner;
    The bullet point, until text is written, appears in the larger text size.

Second: The functional bug
When doing nested bulleted lists, and bolding the first letter of secondary nested word (Eg. bulleted list into: numbered list, a. b. c… or i. ii. iii…), all further bulletspoints will be bold and in the larger text size
Issue replication:

All this is in a text box:
This is a sentence in large text size

This a paragraph in a smaller text size
- This is a bulletpoint
1. This is a secondary lettered list
i. This is a tertiary lettered list, in bold and also involuntarily in the larger text
ii. Subsequent elements in lettered list will also be in the larger text size

The tertiary lettered list (content) is not in the larger text size, ONLY the lettered list points themselves, (eg i. ii. iii…)

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