Violet/Purple/Lila outline when creating flow/prototyping

Hey, no designer here. I’m a business analyst who has been trapped into making some mockups in Figma without having 0 idea what he is doing haha. But I’m actually enjoying it, but I thing there are many things I can improve, one of them is the following:

The thing is when I’m creating a Prototype within Figma, When I select an item and create an on-click interaction for example, I notice that other items with the same properties get a purple outline. I’m wondering if this means I can create the interaction for all of them at once instead of doing it one by one. Could someone please advise me on how to do this?

Thank you.

Here is a picture for explanatory purposes:

Hi @Federico_Pereira ,
The purple outline is a default stroke to indicate a main component set that has variants. Here’s our Help Center article that has more details on how variants are created: Create and use variants. (It’s not related about the prototypes)

In order to create multiple connections to the same destination:

  1. Select your starting objects, or hotspots, where the connections begin. You can select multiple objects via one of the following methods:
  • Select an initial object, then hold down shift while clicking additional objects.
  • Drag your cursor across any objects you want to select. This will create a blue box around the selected objects.
  1. Click from the border of one of the selected objects.
  2. Hold and drag the connections to the destination frame.
    multicreate - add

All selected objects will now have connections to the same destination frame.

To edit the interactions or animations of the created connections, use the Interactions menu from the Prototype tab of the right sidebar.

Hope it helps!


It really did helped, I thought that there might be a shortcut to select all outlined variants. But that was really helpful, thank you very much Celine!

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