Viewers cannot select Transparent frames

I have noticed that collaborators who have ‘View’ permissions are unable to select transparent frames when inspecting designs.

Editors CAN select transparent frames.

I’d like to know if this is intended behaviour or an oversight from the Figma team?

It is causing some of our developers difficulty when inspecting our designs. One example of this is when we have a transparent ‘ghost’ button component, there is no way for them to select the button on the canvas (without selecting it from the layer panel.)

Many thanks


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I still have to do a Figma demo for all FE devs who aren’t too comfortable with Figma, and this comment keeps coming up. “Why can’t I select that button, but I can select this one?”
Then I have to teach them to select the text inside the button first, then use the layer panel to go up a couple levels to get to the button. Very frustrating.

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Yeah this is exactly the ‘workaround’ my devs are using too. :pensive:

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