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Viewer permissions keep switching after interacting with prototypes

Hey everyone, I got a question regarding View permissions.
For our clients we invite them with the permission to View prototypes only. But after sending out prototype links and interacting via comments, the role switches to View only and the clients can roam around the actual design file.
This keeps happening and I don’t actively notice until I see the client avatar in my design file.
Has anyone experienced this or knows what the issue is?

Can you show a screenshot of the sharing window?

Sure! So here’s how it looks when I initially share the prototype with the client

And from there I copy the link and send it over to the client.

Do you see the permission changed to “can view” automatically after that? Or does it stay like this but the client can somehow open the file too? If you can reproduce this behavior with some level of consistency, you probably need to file a bug report to Figma support team via the bug report form.

The only consistency I noticed is that it switches after the client put in comments and I replied to them. It happens when I reply within the design file and also when I reply within the prototype window. I’m not sure if this causes it though.