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"View only" mode when an Editor opens a file to prevent mistakes from happening

In my team, we are experiencing that changes are being registered by Figma even though no specific changes has been made. I have asked my team if they have made some changes to a specific file and the answer was:

“No, I just didn’t close it yesterday. But I didn’t change anything”

The version history is a very neat feature, but comparing two versions in the version history is unfortunately very cumbersome (especially if it’s not a visual change that has been made).

Admittedly, sometimes mistakes happen, and unintended changes are being made just because we want to open and view a Figma file for reference purposes.

We kind of miss having a feature that prevents these kind of mistakes from happening. Also, this will help to keep the version history as clean as possible.

Have a “View only” mode for Editors when opening a Figma file (not everyone would probably find this useful, so perhaps it should be a setting either on team/project/file level). I think Abstract’s Open Untracked feature is a good inspiration.

This could be done in different ways. Here’s two off the top of my head:

  • Open file in version history as default
  • Open file with all panels hidden and with the hand tool selected. Introduce a “Start editing” button.

Quick Mockup:

Does anyone else experience this issue?
If yes, what is your approach to help solve this?