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View-Only Figma iframe full featured embed

  1. Describe the problem your experiencing and how your idea helps solve this
    I am trying to build a good integration experience between Storybook and Figma for my team. I have tried the current storybook addons, but they present a very stripped down version of the document, and don’t give the nice features like selecting elements to see pixel distances, component inspection, and all the other wonderful features you provide. The simplest solution for a great integration would be the ability to create a URL that is allowed to be embedded in an iframe, that will have all the features, rather than a static view like the current embed, but as a read only version.

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    I tried just embedding with the normal project URL, and continue to get a repeated login screen, which leads me to believe it is not allowed for some security reasons.

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    Does anyone else have a good workflow for developing components in storybook and seeing the comparisons in the same window? I have tried the several addons out there, but none of them let you inspect any of the elements, which is critical for component development.