Videos in prototypes just got better! 🎉

Do more with video in your prototypes. We’ve made it easier to create realistic video players in Figma.

Add interactions that let you play, pause, mute, or skip to timestamps in a single frame, and you can now trigger events with video playback.

You’ll need to be part of an Edu or Pro+ plans to upload new videos in Figma. Anyone can copy, paste, and play with the videos in the updated playground file.

Duplicate it here:

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The feature is amazing as always, but the in-app onboarding was really aggressive: in the middle of my workflow, I click on the “Prototype” tab and a giant popup appears selling this new feature, making me think for some seconds there was some kind of bug in the app. I would kindly suggest the Figma team to be mindful when using this kind of tool, since they may be intrusive to people’s work.

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Thanks for the feedback, @Marcelo_Scharlau_Coelho!

We’ll pass this along to the team for future consideration.

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