Version History Snapshots that highlight changes & show who did it

TL;DR: Changes highlighted in version history snapshots.

Scenario: I am working on a file with other designers and want to know what someone else did in the same file. I can pull up older version history, and see that someone else worked on the file on any date, but other than doing a visual comparison against a version that I worked on before to spot differences, I don’t know what they did. That leaves lots of room for missing something…

As a collaboration tool, it would be very helpful if Figma did something similar with the history snapshots that a certain company (that rhymes with “poodle”) does with their Docs free online document editor.

In the the case of Figma, when a collaborator looks at a snapshot in the version history it would highlight things that were changed in that version. It does not have to be every minute change so much, but things such as highlighting a layer that had changes made to it. Highlighting new frames that were created.

Then bringing the screen focus to zoom in, or zoom out to include those highlighted areas. The highlight color would be assigned to a collaborator.


This would be great. We also use Miro sometimes and that tool does this - a simple highlight of areas that were changed since your lat visit to the file. Helps save time looking around the entire file trying to figure out what changed.


Agree. if we can’t see who changed what it defeat the purpose to use collaboration tool in workflow. there is no way for me to check who changed what recently. need to compare version history manually.


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This would be extremely useful for developers also, they can see what has changed since they last viewed something and did development.

This would make version history actually useful if I could see what pages and frames have been changed. Right now it feels almost useless a lot of the time unless you know exactly what you’re looking for.

Thank you all for the feedback!

We’ll pass this onto our team for future consideration.