Variants make a library harder to organise

  1. Variants layout make it difficult to organise components and to manage the library

  2. Notes need to be added manually to be visible [e.g. style guides titles for the team or developer] - Why can’t the notes display above each component so that it is visible easily at a glance. currently you need to look in multiple places to see what variant is what

  3. When you copy paste the component into a layout - the naming convention gets scrambled so you have to manually rename

  4. The container box (dotted line) doesn’t expand automatically and it crops the variant if the variant is adjusted to be larger - so it is manual to manage the dotted line container box size.

  5. if you move a single variant in a container, it can moves out of the container too easily which is annoying

All in all creating variants actually creates more labour and time to organise. It would be good to automate a lot of the above, especially annotations and notes

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