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Variants inside variants error

I’m trying to make a menu with few items in it as a component of our design system.

this menu should give the designers ability to change a menu-item from Active to Hover or Disabled, but when I’m trying to change the state of one of these variants to another variant I get this error:

I would really appreciate it if these Interactive Components were more intelligent and could have covered more possibilities.

so you have a circle reference there? meaning you built the list on the left from the components on the right, and then created a variant using the left list, as a variant?

It looks like you have the same components on the left and right. This case is completely doable. Just create one variant of the items menu whit all states (hover active checked unchecked etc. Then use this menu item variant to build a menu components. So it should like (menu component (list item component) ) :slight_smile: