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Variant Won't Update

I created a variant with two components in it. I created two new components (with the same names and attributes) moved them into the variant then removed the originals. I thought I had done this before and it worked, but it seems that now, even though the component points to the new variant in the design doc) it won’t update the actual components. Thoughts? I’m trying to avoid having to go in and replace all the instances with the new components. Thanks!

Also - any advice so I can avoid this issue in the future would be great too!


Hey @CCL_Test

Any chance we can take a peak into your file? (not necessary but helps)

What I can point you to is the best practices of building variants, including the fact that, in order for things to not break or loose connections, you should have a baseline component (not a variant) that then defines all your variant components.

Here’s a simple example of that: