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Variable states of multiple Icons within variants


what i am trying to do:

I have a list item which has different states enabled - disabled - selected
and I have two possible icon sub variants to go with that. Radio button or Checkbox.
So its Radio- Selected / Not selected or Checkbox - Selected/Not selected.

Now i know i can realize this by having the list item itself in all variants for each icon.
But I would like to know if there is a way to carry over the choice on a sub-component within a variant, like the text or icon choice gets carried over from one variant to the other even if change state later?

Basically i set up the radio /checkbox icons as a subcomponent with variants. but when i change the state of the list item, it doesnt carry over the selected icon, it just defaults back to what was chosen in the main component.

Mainly curious if there is a way to do it like this or i just go with more variants on the top level.


you have to name frames (layers) within each variant with the same name