Variable control suggestion - Color blend modes (i.e. lighter color, add, multiply, difference, etc.)

Just have run in to an issue where I am needing to use a simple raster image on different color modes like dark and light, and need the image to be able to switch blending modes to go from being a mostly dark image to inverted light one.

The way to get around this currently is by using bools to toggle between multiple copies of the raster image’s visibility when each is set to different color blend modes like “Normal” and “Difference” for example…

It would also be nice to just be able to not only control layer visibility but individual properties like FILL and STROKE visibility as well (stroke is less important since a value of zero can be used to effectively also “hide” a stroke’s visibility via mode controls)

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Hey @JDPoZ,

We’ve merged this feature request with a similar, existing one here in the community. We’ll track feedback from the community and gauge overall interest for future prioritization from there.

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