UX Stack Guru - All Product Design, UX tools packed in Figma/FigJam with 50% discount!

Hello, Figma community! :wave:

A while ago, we released an all-in-one solution streamlining your product creation process. It is a new, enhanced version of the previous product (UX Flow) with over 1 million downloads!

:hammer: Build flowcharts, sitemaps, timelines, and information architecture

:memo: Create user stories

:face_with_monocle: Perform SWOT analysis

:exploding_head: And many, many more!

:fire: Directly from Figma, with carefully crafted components, templates, and dedicated plugin.

Today, exclusively for Figma community, we offer you 50% discount for the first 20 users! The counter starts now! :grin:

Get your discount!

Link to the plugin

Don’t hesitate to message me or uxstackguru@gmail.com!

Cheers! :v: