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Using the same rectangle (group) on different frames


I am looking for a possibility to use the same rectangle/group (with various fonts and objects) on different frames. Does anyone know a way to do this? For example, I am currently moving the footer to each individual frame. Is there a way to change this area in one frame and adjust it in all of them?

Thank you

Hi @MaceWindu !

If I understand correctly — you need a way to define layout but then change the content in each of the instances?

If this is the case I suggest using concept of “Slots”.
Slots work as placeholders for any component. You can define the layout — like for footer or modal. And then replace slots with any component you need — in your case “various fonts and objects”.

Figma has a quick and simple tutorial on this:

For footer you would create “❖Footer”, add bunch of “◇Slots” for sections where you need to change content based on different frames.
Then when you use “◇ Footer” instance on those frames, you can override the slots with different content. Changing AutoLayout properties or any other properties in master “❖Footer” would then propagate in every place you have used it.

Does this help?

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