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Using Figma as a Ops Manager—not great

  1. Figma is a great creative tool. Lots of improvement constantly happening and I’m not qualifying to feedback there anyways :slight_smile: As a ops/tools manager at my company, it’s quite challenging to use effectively, however. Some of the high-level things that stand out to me:
  • The Members overview is hard to navigate easily and see how’s internal and external. If they’re part of my company, make it more clear with labels/colors. “Team Permissions” is not an easy way to see and manage that.
  • TEAMS, why can I not create a team in the Members overview for each project. Who’s on what would be so much easier to see. This is kind of mind-boggling to me that it’s not there.
  • What files do people have access to—it’s gotten a little better ones you click the e.g. “Can manage 1 project” but it doesn’t allow me to see what project they have access to if they’re view-only mode… Why?
  • Modes: Editor, makes sense. Viewer, ok. Viewer - restricted, what? What’s the difference. There might be an article somewhere explaining it but should be clear and available on this page if needed. This requires far better UX copywriting…
  • Billing: I have 28 “Monthly design editor seats” and then just below is says “Total editor seats today 38 Design”. What? Why is there a 10 person difference? I’m confused
  • I find it insulting still that companies charge extra to get decent security/management on their products. Charge for value add this should be table stakes and the companies’ own interest to have better security of their product access.
  1. Can’t add much since it’s all confidential work we do, but happy to discuss further.

  2. How are other creative team managers/ops people’s experiences? Am I missing something or any other things to add?

Thank you

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