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User Experience using a share link

I haven’t been using Figma for long, but the user experience from clients viewing designs via the share link has been consistently bad.
I had a play today to see it from the client’s point of view and my experience was:

  • its not clear that you can continue without signing up
  • it loaded the screen at 4% zoom
  • I couldn’t initially get the zoom to adjust - possibly it was still loading
  • once I changed to 100%, it wasn’t centered on the design, so from client’s perspective it was then a blank screen.

Whilst the experience might be fine for people who use Figma for any amount of time, it’s not a good experience for clients who will only use it for a few minutes to view a design.

As I said, I haven’t been using Figma for very long so maybe I can do something different from my end to improve the experience.

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