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Use percentages to size layers to their parent frame

【原文】希望能够优化宽高的设置,用户输入宽 或 高 能够自动填充父级图层。例子:设置 Frame 3 的宽 或 高为100%,将自动把Frame 2的宽 或 高赋予给 Frame 3。这个功能还可以用于其它形状:矩形,圆形,星形,六边形等。

[Original] I hope to optimize the width and height settings, and the user input width or height can automatically fill the parent layer. Example: Setting the width or height of Frame 3 to 100% will automatically assign the width or height of Frame 2 to Frame 3.This function can also be used for other shapes: rectangle, circle, star, hexagon, etc.

Thanks for sharing! Updated the title to make it a little more clear on the idea.