Use of Figma for autism

I was wondering if anyone using figma is autistic, or if this is a useful tool to help people having issues with planning, sequencing or organization.

Of course Figma has a diverse user base that includes neurodivergent people. Regarding the tasks you mentioned, I would probably look outside of Figma. Figma’s really flexible but it would be a bit of a leap to set up some kind of planning system in it. I could see something like FigJam possibly being helpful for brainstorming or ideation if you like to think spatially and structure your thoughts on an open canvas, but that could be a stretch.

Maybe look into Notion for the things you mentioned?

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Thanks for this reference to Notion. I got on it’s site and it indeed looks to be more suitable. It appears that you can actually use Figma within Notion if you get into a project.

I would be careful with that. Rather look at something that is actually meant for that, such as Miro. Especially, Figma has some weird re-sizing opinions that make every single Figma Jam look bad and unordered, I find hard to accept for planning or even flow charts.

sorry, add on: Not for the planning per-se I would recommend Miro, but for the brainstorming and drawing of processes, as suggested by Jack.

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