Use hashtags(#) for dummy links

Apologies if that has been mentioned before, I couldn’t find it tho…

I’d like to be able to put a hashtag in links on inline text, as you might do in HTML. I just get an error that it’s an invalid link. I don’t need it to be valid, I just need the text the link is on to appear as a link (without having to manually format). Or maybe the design im doing needs a link that hasn’t yet been provided but I need to add a link placeholder. I’m currently just adding ‘’ as a link but then invariably get the comment back “why is this linking to Google?”


Why not just enter a nonsense link?


Several reasons:

  1. Having an actual link (even a nonsense one) opens a browser or new tab. A # would just do nothing which is preferable.
  2. Having anything, even nonsense, invites comments from project managers, writers etc who don’t quite understand that the nonsense is a placeholder, even if it says https://placeholder.
  3. I work in healthcare advertising and nearly all of our work has to go through pretty rigorous checks. Having a nonsense link rather just a ‘blank’ would fail.

You can link to the frame itself, if you right click the frame and go to Copy/Paste as > Copy link. I don’t know if this will have other consequences in your design.