Use component frame to further add elements

Hi all,

We are going deeper with Figma, and so far we enjoy the journey :slight_smile:

I was wondering if there was any way to make a component with a frame inside (for instance a frame with auto layout) and later on use this frame to add elements to it when using the component as an instance.

The idea here is to allow creation of web page mockup component for example, with an area inside the page being the content that the Figma user will populate with anything.

So 1. I create an instance of the page component, 2. I drag/drop other instance inside the area made for it, or create text boxes and so on inside the area, …

Thanks in advance for your help !

Not possible. You can vote for this suggestion: Fully Editable Component Instances

Ok, thanks for your reply !

For the webpage use case you can still use the ‘chrome’ component but the contents would need to be outside of it. Also you can swap out components within a component - this trick can be useful in some cases to create a generic container. There are caveats as Figma doesn’t always notice it’s happening and you get weird reflow bugs in auto-layout. Final trick is for something like a menu is to add a lot of item elements and just hide the ones you don’t need.

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