Use a shortcut to display padding cursors instead of by default


Since the new autolayout update, you can now control paddings directely on the frame, but it’s a little bit disappointing on small autolayout elements because these controls are in the middle.

I’m everytime misclicking on it.

Maybe it would be better to use a specific shortcut to keep press for editing paddings instread of with/height ?


No one concerned except me ?

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I posted about this days ago. It’s really annoying. I understand the idea behind so you don’t have to operate with the right/details side-bar, but still, I don’t know a single user complaining about this being a pain in the ass.

It should be something optional on the preference menu, a thing that you could turn on/off.

But nobody is voting for that :confused: So that means nobody want it to be fixed?

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I also posted about this a few days ago. I routinely find frames with fucked up right border values, which I’m sure happened on a resize attempt.

I want the ability to turn all manual manipulations (of borders and auto-layout spacing) off. Plus, those huge pink cross-hatched regions are distracting, and frankly, ugly.

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