URGENT! Request Variable Swap Functionality


I’m reaching out to urgently request the addition of a variable swap function to the library’s existing swap functionality.

Our team has been facing significant time losses on projects due to the absence of this feature, and the frustration level is escalating. Currently, we are relying on third-party plugins for variable swapping, but unfortunately, they are malfunctioning, causing considerable inconvenience.

Moreover, the current state of Figma variables is not viable for agencies like ours. We urge you to consider implementing this feature internally so that it becomes a default aspect of the platform.

Your assistance in this matter would be immensely valuable, not only to our team but to numerous other agencies facing similar challenges.

Thank you!

Best regards,

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Hey @Sanny, thanks for the feedback!

We’ve merged your feature request with a similar, existing one here in the community. We’ll pass your feedback onto the team and make an update over there, if the team has been able to make any progress.