Urgent Help Needed: Figma Sync and Preview Issues on Firefox

Hello Figma Community!

I hope this post finds you well. I am currently experiencing some troubling issues while using Figma on Firefox, and I’m reaching out to seek assistance from the community.

Syncing Issues with Cloud Icon:
Whenever I open any project in Figma on Firefox, a persistent cloud icon appears, indicating that “some changes won’t be synced until Figma is trying to connect.” This has been happening consistently, and it’s causing disruptions in my workflow. Has anyone else encountered this problem? Any insights or solutions would be greatly appreciated.

Extended Loading Times during Preview:
Another concern I’m facing is the prolonged loading times when attempting to preview projects. It takes more than 3 minutes for the preview to complete successfully. This is a recent issue that started yesterday, and it’s specific to Firefox. Is anyone else facing similar delays in previewing projects on Firefox? Any suggestions on how to resolve this would be incredibly helpful.

I’ve tried troubleshooting on my end, including clearing cache and restarting Firefox, but the issues persist. I’m wondering if there might be a broader problem or if others have found successful workarounds.

Your insights and assistance would be invaluable in resolving these challenges. If you’ve encountered similar issues or have ideas on how to address them, please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Thank you all in advance for your help!

Best regards,
Abdur Rehman

Hey @Abdur_Rehman1 ,

Thanks for reaching out about this issue.

1. Can you check and confirm if you see the same problem in any other browsers or incognito window?
(In general, discrepancies between loading in a private window and regular browser windows may suggest that there’s a caching issue or extension enabled in the regular browser interfering with the connection to Figma’s web servers.)

Our supported browsers are Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge.

  • If the issue seems specific to a browser, you may want to try disabling any browser extensions in Firefox. If disabling these extensions helps, we recommend re-enabling them one by one to see which extension may be causing the issue.

Please, also clear the browser cache and restart Firefox. Firefox lets you choose which websites you want to delete data from. You can use this feature to remove data from just Figma: Manage local site storage settings | Firefox Help
Please note that clearing the cache will also Clear autosave data for any unsynced offline changes.

2. Does this also happen on another network, like a mobile hotspot?
If it’s just happening on one network, you may need to adjust your proxy VPN or firewall settings as shown in Technical troubleshooting tips or speak to your IT Admins or ISP. Generally for problems affecting a single network we’re not able to troubleshoot as it would require access to your system or network settings.

3. If neither of these suggestions help, can you please send a console log from the Developer tools to our support team by filling this form here? Our team can check for any errors there.

Here’s how to check the console log:

  1. Open Developer Tools by using a keyboard shortcut below:
  • Command + Option + I (macOS on Browser and Desktop App)
  • Ctrl + Shift + I (Windows/Linux on Google Chrome)
  • Ctrl + Alt + I (Windows on the desktop app)
  1. Select the console tab in the Developer Tools window
  2. With the console tab open, either recreate the behavior or error you experienced, or reload the file
  3. If you see any errors, like the image below, capture your console log by right-clicking in the console space, then click Save as…

Hope this helps, thank you!

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Thank you for helping me resolve my issue. The problem was with one of the extensions I had installed in Firefox. When I deleted that extension, my problem was solved.

Glad, it’s been solved. Thanks for letting me know! :slight_smile:

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