Upnote- Figma shortcut issue

I’m new to using Upnote on my Mac.
When I use the create frame shortcut (opt+comm+G) in Figma, it doesn’t work and Upnote jumps to the search bar section.
This is very interesting, I wanted to share.

hey @hiyel_ata - thanks for dropping this feedback. I think there are other apps that mimic this behavior as well when it comes to duplicate shortcuts.

It sounds like Upnote takes shortcut precedence, so if you have that app open at the same time as Figma, it will automatically take action there.

I don’t think we’re able to make any changes to address shortcut order (like who is prioritized: Figma vs. Upnote), but good to know!

Thanks for feedback!

I also contacted Upnote support.
I hope find a solution. I have to shut Upnote down totally while working on Figma. (I use shortcut very much:)

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Here is the solution!

Upnote->settings->general->Global shortcuts->Disable Search checkbox

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Oooh! Thanks @hiyel_ata - so Upnote did have shortcuts taking priority :sweat_smile:

This is super helpful. I marked your response as the solution, so others that notice shortcut actions like this can check to see if there are global preferences in another conflicting app.

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