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Upgrade professionnal : can we choose both annual and monthly plan?


I would like to subscribe to a Professional plan, but I would like to have two editors with annual plan, and two editors with monthly plan, which I can stop when I want. Do you know if it’s possible ?

Thanks !

This should be possible! I recently talked to support about it:

"Many teams who have both long- and short-term collaborators find it useful to combine annual and monthly plans. I’d recommend subscribing for a quantity of annual seats that realistically fits the amount of editors that will need a seat for the full year.

You’ll pay the annual rate for those editor seats, and any additional editors on your team or on projects or files within the team will create a monthly $15/editor subscription. You can then remove them any time to take them off of the monthly bill, or you can contact us if you’d like us to co-term any additional seats to bring them into your annual plan mid-cycle."

Annual editors cannot be reduced until you are reviewing your subscription for the upcoming renewal.

Hey @Elsa_Bernard, yeah for account questions like this we recommend reaching out to our support team (via email or the in-app widget). They’ll be able to better assist you from there. Thanks. :slight_smile: