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Updating PaintStyles and TextStyles

Is there any way to use the Figma REST API to update PaintStyles and TextStyles? If not, is there work already underway for this?

Context: We currently have custom automation that reads/exports colors and typestyles from the Figma REST API into code that we can use for frontend and mobile development. However, I’ve identified several limitations for our current and future workflow from having Figma as the source of truth (e.g. platform-specific flags, custom metadata per-style, etc). As such, I’m exploring an avenue where we specify our own source of truth in a self-hosted JSON file and have automation that writes/syncs that into Figma.

The only thing you can add to Figma files via the REST API is comments. Everything else (all design information) is read-only.

You can update the files via the Plugins API. There are a lot of sync plugins out there already so chances are you will find something that covers your needs. The only issue is that you have to launch the plugin manually to sync but it is not a big inconvenience for many people.