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Updating components refresh the text content in linked files to placeholder text

We have a file for our design system and components. We use components from this file across a variety of files for our designs. The components in the design system file have placeholder text inside them that we change for the designs. For example, a pending status has placeholder text that says “Pending”…and in the linked design files we use that component and change the text to have more detail in context such as “Pending Approval”, or “Pending Payment”…

When we publish updates in the components file, and update the files that have the library enabled, the text that we have changed in components refreshes back to the placeholder text from the master component…This is really frustrating because we are developing software and use many instances of components across various files. The recent error caused as a result of this confused our developers and lead to a lot of problems, causing additional work for both developers and designers.

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