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Updating a variant across different pages

I have created a variant UX status banner that lives across different pages. Essentially the banner communicates to stakeholders if the design they are looking at are a WIP, Locked, or a Concept. I would like to change the status of the banner, which I have hooked up as a variant, and have it update across the different pages the banner is on. I prefer not to have to click on each instance of the banner and change the status. Any ideas on how to get this to work?

I may be having trouble understanding your question. It seems like you have some status banner variants (let’s just say the statuses are “In Design”, “Ready for Review”, and “Approved”) and these banner variants are bundled under a single component (“Status Banner”).

If you want to change the text on every instance of the “Ready for Review” banner throughout your Figma file, that is easy and all you have to do is update the text in the source component.

What I think you’re asking: If you want to convert every instance of the “Ready for Review” banner to the “Approved” status throughout your file then I can’t think of a way to do that other than selecting them all yourself and changing the banner variant manually. You could probably use a selection plugin like Similayer to make the selection process easier.

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Thanks for the answer Brian!

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