Update to pasting components/shapes/frames behaviour is counterintuitive now

I’ve just noticed that:

  1. I copy an object that’s nested in an auto-layout frame, I unselect the frame, move my center viewpoint away from that frame, hit CTRL+V and the object gets pasted in that same frame I copied it from instead of pasting in the center of where I am looking at. As long as the source object’s parent frame is in view, the object will paste in that parent frame regardless if it’s selected or not.

  2. When I try to paste an object in an auto-layout frame and if that object is larger than the frame, it will paste up one level in the frame’s parent. Regardless if I have the frame selected, or an object within that frame selected, it will still paste in a parent frame or a parent’s parent frame.

Does anyone else experience this? I’m hoping it’s a bug because otherwise this behaviour doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

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