Update nested instances of a component

Hey there,
I have a big issue the way Figma is handling component updates.

I have basically two library layer for our product:
A) Core library
B) View library
C) Design file

If I publish a button update in the CORE library, I still need to review the update and publish it in the VIEW library, to get the button update in the Design file.

In code I’d just update the button and every instance would immediately get the update.

Am I missing sth or how r u working around this?

Here is how I would do it but I might be missing something here:

  • Use branches
  • Have View Library be the main branch and share that with Team in “View only” access.
  • Any design work would then only be done in a branch of View Library, which gets merged back and publish once approved by all relavent parties.
  • The design files subscribing to View Library always have the latest approved designs and you only have one file (no more Core Library) plus it’s branches to manage.

Thanks for the reply.

I was not precise enough. Initially I though I need to have multiple view libraries, because our project is so damn big. But I will try to fit everything in ONE view library.

We will maybe use branches to make edit to the one view library.

Most common case for us will be to create a new design file for each ticket, which holds all the relevant designs for a particular design update, kind of like a collection.

We will see about the performance :slight_smile:

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