Update Figma Link Titles to Include Page Name and/or Frame Name

Like most designers, we’re always including Figma links on other platforms like Jira, Confluence, Notion, etc. However, the link preview text pulled from Figma only allows the file name to be shown. It would be fantastic if, when the link refers to a specific page instead of just the generic file link, the page name would be included in the link preview text (and possibly the frame name as well). We’d rather have a longer link preview name if it’s clearer!

This would give feedback to the users that they have indeed attached the correct link or are clicking on the correct link, and help differentiate links when we’re sharing with teammates who don’t regularly use Figma (where we often give links to specific frames or pages in the same file so people don’t have to hunt for things).

For example, right now all link previews just say the file name:
(Figma Icon) Design System

We’d like it to have at least pages:
(Figma Icon) Design System > Text Fields

And possible frames:
(Figma Icon) Feature Name > Handoff > Frame Name


Thanks for the feedback, @Amanda_Howard1!

We’ll pass this along to our team for consideration.

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