Upcoming Figma features

As a Product Design Manager who constantly tries to implement the new Figma technologies into our design files, I would like to know what are the upcoming features the Figma team is planning.

A simple list of “Coming soon” features would suffice.

  • My company would benefit from early insights, and avoid implementing something that may be easier solved in the future.
  • Figma product team would benefit in case someone wants to contribute their ideas.
  • Community would also benefit to better see what to expect from Figma.

Not to mention, Figma and the community can avoid potential red flags like the recent update to the comment feature.

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A public roadmap is commonplace for SAAS products in 2022 - would love if Figma had something similar.

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They don’t even have a reliable change log, and you want to see the upcoming features… :laughing:


Very True :rofl:,
As a product designer, I see value and comfort in playing things close to the chest. But I feel Figma is missing out a lot by not having a product roadmap as their product user base is made up of product, UX, and UI designers around the globe who are more than happy to contribute for free.

Actually this question was answered some time ago by the Figma team already. The problem they have with having a public roadmap is that their internal roadmap changes often and severely. They may be working on one feature for 6 months, even started the beta testing and then after 6 more months completely forget about it and remove it entirely (this happened to one of the tests I was on for example). That’s why they don’t currently have a public roadmap.

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