Unwanted community libraries

Hi there!

Since last week (I think…) the ‘Untitled UI’ and ‘Wireframing starter kit’ libraries have been showing in Figma files for everyone in my team. These aren’t libraries I need, and right now they’re getting in the way :cry: Is there any way of removing them?


I have these as well, and do not want them. They’re not in the project settings > View team’s libraries, and removing them from Assets > Libraries (both Current file and Community) only does so on that individual file, with new files adding them automatically.

:thinking: I can’t be entirely sure on my end, but is there a chance that an admin on your end published these library files organization-wide?

That may explain why these suddenly appeared, and why you can’t remove them. If an admin published them to be used organization-wide, it can only be removed/unpublished by an org admin.