Unwanted colored shapes in random places on my prototype

When I go to prototype my mobile app I created, there are 3 random rectangles that appear on one of my pages. It’s weird because they are 3 colors from the colors I’m using on my project. Can anyone please help me out?

The weird thing is that when I edit the text under one of the random rectangles, it disappears for a bit, but it comes back after couple minutes.


Experiencing this same buggy artifact in our prototype:
• Rectangle occurs on top of the first 1-3 elements, taking on the same color fill.
• Rectangle does not correspond to the width of the underlying element or any other frame/object in the design.
• If associated with a text block, the rectangle will match the line-height of the text block, but not the width.
• Occurs only on the first screen of the prototype.
• Occurs only when the prototype first loads in the browser
• Linking back to the first screen later in the prototype flow does not cause the bug to recur.

Happens in iOS browsers (Safari, Chrome).
Happens in iOS Figma Mirror App
Does NOT happen in Android browsers

Me too. Not ideal when I’m testing with customers.

Seeing it on iOS native app.

Same here… Been wondering if I’m doing something wrong but is definitely an annoying bug

Also seeing this exact same issue. As Daniel has described as above.
Any update on a fix for this Figma? Really not great for user research sessions…

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