Unpredictable variant behavior in presentation mode

There are 2 errors related to variants that keep happening in my prototype, but the errors are unpredictable & keep changing:

I made a master component which contains text and a group of layers containing different colors which I turn on & off in different situations when using instances of the prototype.

I used that component as a “base” in a new variant with 6 variants.

I laid out several instances of the variant using auto layout, and changed the text & color for each instance.

The text in the master component and in all states of the variant is exactly the same.

However, like I said, I overwrote the text for each instance in my layout.

In my prototype, the overridden text & colors initially shows up correctly, but when I hover over SOME of the instances, SOMETIMES (but not others), the overridden text is not honored on Hover. It IS honored in every other state of the instance, but on Hover it changes back to the original placeholder text from the master. Everything else is honored.

What might be going on? I’m especially confused that this behavior only sometimes happens & not always to the same variants.

Also as a side note, sometimes the hover state does not return back to the default state for these.

And in still other cases, “Sometimes” the color overrides aren’t honored in the prototype either. Help!

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