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Unorganized text styles

Hi! When I have nothing selected my text styles are neatly organized in the side menu. However, when I select a text object, my body/default and body/small styles are nowhere near each other. How can I fix this? I have this with multiple style families.



I don’t know why but they are sorted by “last group name/style name” ignoring the names of groups that come before the last one. In your case the order is: default, headings, tabs, small.

Any ideas for a solution? :s I have this with plenty of text styles, they are all grouped neatly in the actual text styles menu, but show haphazardly in the dropdown… and it’s quite annoying to go looking for the correct style if there is no logical order/structure.

The solution is to remove the first grouping and change it to something like body.default, body.small, etc.