Ungroup Shortcut changed?

Hi all,

My muscle memory tells me Ctrl + Shift + G was the shortcut for Ungroup (as Group is Ctrl + G), but it seems it as changed now to Ctrl + Backspace?

If it’s intentional, I don’t get why it has changed. I was able to do this action with only my left hand prior to this change. The backspace is so far now that I need two hands now to ungroup :frowning:

Hey there, sorry for the confusion!

To un-group, the shortcuts you can use are:

  • Mac: Shift Command G or Command Delete.
  • Windows: Shift Control G or Control Backspace.
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Thank you Denise, I swear the Ctrl + Shift + G wasn’t working for me yesterday :sweat_smile: Happy to see it’s still supported.

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I finally understood the problem.

Turns out, when you have a AMD GPU or CPU, it installs an AMD Software that hijacks some keyboard shortcuts without telling you. Most are “Ctrl + Shift + [key]”.

Leaving this here in case someone runs into the same problem.


Thanks for that!

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