Uneven 'column grid fill' using auto layout

How cool would it be if we could create ‘uneven’ auto layout fills? Let me explain:
Currently in auto layout, if we set content blocks to fill on a column grid it fills it evenly. So in a grid of 6 columns this would mean 2-2-2 or 3-3. But what if we want content blocks to span in a 2-4 way? Or a 1-5? All auto-magically using auto layout.
I’ve tried simulating this by applying min & max width to content blocks but this feels/looks strange when resizing your device frame. It doesn’t grow or shrink evenly. It stretches 1 block to it’s max then starts stretching the other block. Same with shrinking.

Allowing percentages in width could allow this to work. Or changing the way min & max constraints shrink & stretch. Just thinking out loud…

Anyone else struggling with this?

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