Undo click

I sometimes move something, the edit its shape and delete something
then i remember that no, i dont need to delete this

so i click cmd z and everything i did goes back… many steps goes back, whyyy?
i dont understand this, when i click cmd z
i want only the last step, i dont get it
plz help

Hi @Hilal_Rifaieh, Thanks for reaching out about this. I understand how you feel.

I tested it on my end, and it appears to be working as expected.
Another option you can try is to restore a previous version of the file from your version history to see if you can retrieve the desired version. You can check here: View a file’s version history

Additionally, could you please try completely shutting down the application and clearing your app and browser cache to see if that resolves the short cut issue?
Here’s a handy guide on how to clear the Figma desktop app cache: Clear the Figma desktop app cache

I hope these suggestions are helpful! If anyone in our community has additional suggestions or workarounds, please feel free to share them here.

Thank you once again for reaching out.