Unclear Figma billing practices

I cant simply find where these Figma jam bills are coming from or where to stop them. It is totally unclear you will be billed when you add some one to view/use. I have an annual fee and additional $25 a month I cant stop for months now please help. I have no clear options in the UI to stop this billing or clearly how to control it

So any editor can simply add a new license??? without any intimation that it will be charged in the next month’s billing cycle???


Let’s say that. This is so unfair that Figma doesn’t even inform you about the payments. This is done on purpose and IMO these business practices are not okay.


This is a huge stitch-up. Just checked my account and there’s 13 seats.

I thought you didn’t sell out to Adobe? Cause this is some Adobe level rubbish.

Where’s the UI to let me know sharing assets immediately creates paid users!!!

Almost close enough of a screw up to get my whole yeam off the product. 1/10 Figma. 1/10.

This is incredibly disappointing. While trying to learn Figma, I sent a file to a friend for help and was charged an extra 15 dollars because they were added as a design seat. I didn’t catch it in time before I got billed for it. Ridiculous and very very disappointing…

There should be a warning when sharing that I will be charged if I don’t configure the settings correctly.


So do I get this right?

Person A has signed up with Figma and pays for a full design license.
Person B has signed up with Figma and pays for a full design license as well.

Person A invites B to edit a file.
Person A has to pay 2 design seats now? So 3 licenses total? And the only way you get informed about this is by the amount of your next invoice?

This is not how collaboration works and fraudulent behaviour in my opinion.

You should be ashamed, Figma


Was having this same issue - when trying to upgrade my own individual plan, the pricing page was trying to charge me for 2 seats, even letting me know that 1 seat was empty. Yet nowhere am I seeing a way to reduce to 1 seat.

I had to click the “+ Add seat” button to access a page that then let me manually decrease from 2 seats to 1.

This is very toxic design. The fact that I have to click a link that does the opposite of what my goal is makes zero sense. The fact that it was suggesting I even purchase 2 seats when I had only ever shared a file with a team member, again, makes zero sense.

Hard not to think Figma is just trying to get free unintentional income through this. Absolutely shameful design. The only reason I’m still staying with this product is because the software is just too good, and my team uses it. If this weren’t the case, I wouldn’t hesitate to stop supporting this company for ethical reasons. Huge bummer.

Figma, please get your act together.


I have also been charged for extra seats without realizing. It’s not the first time that this has happened and the last time that it did I made sure to make a mental note not to give design permissions to anyone else… somehow I have still managed to get charged! Ok, so I must have made a mistake, but it really does seem like Figma could inform me with a pop up when I’m about to get charged for an extra seat. Almost every service in the world informs their customers when they are about to incur an extra charge. When they don’t it is generally considered to be a shady business practice.

Figma is a really well designed tool - very user friendly. Therefore I find it hard to believe that their billing system could be so lacking in transparency without it being by design. Could the development team please fix this? I’m pretty sure it would take them an afternoon to sort out. It’s not a new feature or even a bug, just a small tweak that would have saved me from being unfairly charged at 3x the rate I should have.


this sounds like an unfair practice lawsuit waiting to happen. the same thing happened to me.


Hi all,

Also having the same issue, the setup of getting multiple users into a single team is not clear so I’m currently talking with support to get it fixed - really poor show, especially with how good Figma is to use.

Please Figma, fix this and create some transparency so users are clear when setting things up.



It’s disheartening to see that so many individuals are experiencing this issue, yet Figma seems to be ignoring it. This certainly appears to be a deliberate tactic by Figma to exploit its users for financial gain. There should be accountability, and someone ought to take legal action against Figma


Same here. I collaborate with other freelancers (designers and developers alike) who already pay for their own professional plan. Right now I am sharing the *.fig file with them, but this is such a tedious task given the fact that paying users should just be able to collaborate in multiple workspaces when invited.

Also, since I am on a yearly plan, I can only add seats with a yearly interval as well (prorated yes, but still yearly). I didn’t see an option to invite a new user to my team with a monthly plan instead that I could just cancel again once it isn’t needed anymore.

This is something Figma really needs to fix. It just feels wrong having to pay for a seat in multiple workspaces even though you’re already a paying customer.

Hello everyone,

Exact same experience here. I never explicitly consent to get a new paid seat but at the end of the month I received a bill asking for payment.

I never get any email or notification explaining that a new paid seat has been added until the end of the month when payment has been declined because my card was not valid anymore for payment.

This is really unacceptable and deceptive practices.

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I would really like Figma to address these frustrating billing issues, but so far, silence… Billing issue - #2 by ksn

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Hey All, sorry for the lack of acknowledgement here!

We hear you. The team is monitoring this thread, and we released this YouTube video a couple of days ago in hopes of clarifying how to manage your paid seats:

Lastly, here’s some direct acknowledgement from our CEO, Dylan:

Please know that your feedback is not falling on deaf ears. We are taking your feedback seriously, and hope to make billing more transparent and frictionless.

Got to say, this is quite deceptive! Our bill keeps creeping up each month, and Figma make it deliberately hard to identify why. :frowning_face:

Figma charges for non-active users! :dotted_line_face:
We’re getting automatically billed for seats that haven’t used in months. Why are we paying for seats that aren’t being used!?

The Admin Console is impossible to find! :ninja:
This has to be a deliberate dark patten!

Where might someone logically look for their billing info?

  • Account Settings? — NOPE!
  • Under the main menu? — NOPE!
  • Under their user profile? — NOPE!
  • On the Figma.com website? — NOPE!
  • Okay, let me google this ‘Figma Admin Console’ → I get various Help docs with NO link to the Admin Console. :angry:

The only way to find this is to:

  1. Navigate to your Files in Figma
  2. On the left side of the screen you’ll see the Teams panel
  3. Then hiding next to your Team name you’ll find a tiny slider icon :level_slider: (with no label)
  4. If you tap that cryptic little icon it’ll take you to a Dashboard which is apparently the ‘Admin console’.
  5. From this screen you can tap on to Billing which doesn’t do :poop: Instead you’ll want to tap Members and downgrade or remove of all the seats that Figma has been silently charging you for, even though you don’t actually use them.

Well, that feels like a masterclass in deceptive billing practices. Well done Figma :clap:

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@dvaliao Unfortunately none of these answer my questions. And the post from your CEO does not portrait him in the best light. “If you don’t want collaboration…” Seriously?

Well, I suppose nobody here is actually willing to talk about it or answering anything, so back to silently hating your business approach.

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I am also having this issue. I found the video support posted on here to try and resolve but it doesn’t give any detail into this problem at all. The only clear option I can see is to upgrade to an Organization plan. I am a one man team which needs to share with a single dev. The little guys out there need assistance with this!

There can be no doubt that this is by design and fraudulent

Non-US citizen, please get in touch with your ombudsman:

US citizens, get in touch with the federal trade commision:

Given the size of Figma and that Figma is an industry standard and the fact that Figma main focus is UX and that it is close to impossible to find you billing info. That the invoice does not link to you billing info and you are given no alerts, confirmation etc. for new seats is criminal.

For that reason this is something journalists will have a field day over and they should. So give them a tip. Save this thread as a PDF and send it to them or share the link.




Please add more…

Att: Figma. I have made a copy of this thread, I would advise you not to delete it.