Uncaught error when accessing hyperlink property

I’m seeing an Uncaught Error: “Expect URL or GUID to be present in HyperlinkData on getRangeHyperlink” in getRangeHyperlink (FGSeneNodeAPI.cpp) on the dev console.

I tried enclosing the offending line within a try/catch, but the catch code never runs.

Other than the error in the console, everything seems to work.

This is what triggers it:

        if (curTextNode.hyperlink && curTextNode.hyperlink.type === 'URL') {
          ret[`${curTextNode.name}_link`] = curTextNode.hyperlink.value

It’s that if statement that triggers the error.

For context, the code obtains a reference to a ComponentSetNode via importComponentSetByKeyAsync then maps through its children to extract data.

As I said above, the code does extract the hyperlink value. Someone else is responsible for keeping the ComponentSetNode updated, but I haven’t spotted any issues. Not all TextNodes have a hyperlink. The only symptom I see so far is the error logging. I’m not too concerned since it works, but I am a little uneasy about having unexplained error logs.

I can provide the code for the entire function if needed.