"Unable to run plugin in this file" with team account

Hello The Figma Community
I have a problem with my plugin when i try to use it i have this message “Unable to run plugin in this file” with team account ( and it’s the same for my partners) but not with my personnal account, someone already has this problem before ? Thanks by advance

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Hey @Thomas_Sauveton,

That’s odd. Is it both in-browser & using the desktop app? And may I ask what plugin?

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I have the same issue, both in the browser and the app.


Hey @dvaliao
it’s the same for both and with all plugin … But everything is ok when i switch on my personnal account . :frowning: Thx for your help

Hello. I have the exact same problem and do not know what to do. I tried to uninstall / install Figma but it had no effect.

Thanks for the feedback, All!

Have you checked if an admin turned on the approved plugins list by chance? This would explain why plugins were suddenly not visible:

Thanks a lot @dvaliao for your answer i looked and it’s not this problem.
i don’t understand why no plugin run… :frowning:

@Joel_Sinnott hi , you find a solution ? thx by advance

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