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Unable to resolve all Updates from Main File

When I am in the Update from Main File modal, I will see something like “0/10 conflicts to resolve”, but going down the list one by one and resolving them, I will hit something like “8/10 conflicts to resolve” but then there are no others left in the list. The “Next” button remains greyed out, despite me having resolved all the items that I am able to view in the list.

The only way I can get “10/10 conflicts resolved” is if I choose one of the Resolve all options, but then that mean’s I’ve blindly accepted changes that I am unable to preview (scary), and that option also does not allow me to accept some updates from main, some items from branch.

Pretty much every time I try to update, this is happening. Very frustrating.

Hey @Kristen_Masters - if you haven’t already, can you file a help ticket at this link + provide the URL of any branches/files that you’re seeing this on? Our support team can take a look to see what’s going on with the conflicts:

Sorry for the trouble this has been causing in the meantime!