Unable to publish Color style to the library (Bug)

One of our color styles from within our DS went missing. We rolled back the DS file to a version which still had the style available. Now, we are unable to Publish the missing style even though it is available in the DS file.

When I click on the Publish button shown in the Publish library modal, I get a success message.

But when I go to the library modal, I see that there is an update for the same color style again, and it wasn’t published at all.

The style doesn’t show up in the library, nor is it available in any other file that uses the library. We’ve tried publishing a bunch of times.

Additionally, something weird is happening within the files that were previously using the style. I can see the name of the style in the Selection colors section, but the actual value shown in the selected element is just the hex code. If I select the selection color to view available color styles, nothing is highlighted within the list. Normally, whichever style is selected is highlighted.

This clearly seems like a bug, but this is one of the Primary colors from within our DS, and we definitely need to get it fixed. Has anyone else faced a similar issue and found a solution?

Having a similar issue, older colour styles have reappeared as unpublished changes but not changes have been made. I updated the the new version today. I checked if anything had changed, and then published them. It then says successfully done. But the unpublished colour styles persist and are unpublished still