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Unable to merge branch - permissions

While using the beta branching feature, I created a branch and made some changes. From there, I requested Reviewers to approve the branch for merging into the main file. Once approved, my ability to merge is removed and I see the message in the bottom right-hand corner stating "Only editors of file name can merge this branch. I am an owner of this project as well as the creator of the branch. Oddly enough, the person that approved my branch is able to merge the branch for me.


I have the exact same problem. It was working fine up until yesterday. 9/21.

Thanks for the reports, we’ll look into this right away. Can you DM me links to the branches where you’re having this issue?

Hey @raquino, sounds great though unfortunately I am unable to DM you. I see in the messages that I can theoretically select your avatar and select the mail icon to do so, but i do not see that available for me.

I just ran into this issue as well. I own the file and asked one of my coworkers, who also has edit permissions, to try to merge the branch in question. He was unable to merge it, but after trying to, I became able to merge :man_shrugging:

For folks running into this issue → are you on web or desktop? if on desktop, what version of the app are you running? We’re currently pursuing a few leads.

This has been bugging me too for the last couple of days. I made a bug repport but no answer.

I’m having problems with this as well. I’ve seen it with multiple approvers and myself. It seems that the person who approves the branch changes instantly becomes the “editor” and has to be the one to merge branch, regardless of who the original author was.


We are continuing to investigate this issue. In the mean time, we believe if you navigate to the main file, then back to the branch, this may re-enable the merge button. We are actively investigating to understand why the button is disabled, and I will update this thread when we know more.


This should now be fixed. We identified the root cause and pushed a fix. You may need to refresh your tab in order to get the fix. Please let us know if you are still experiencing this issue after refreshing your app.

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