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Unable to align two objects if one of them is inside a component instance

1. Describe the problem your experiencing and how your idea helps solve this

When I want to, let’s say, center-align two elements, but one of them is inside an instance, the alignment controls are disabled. That would make sense if BOTH objects were inside component instances, because in that case you obviously can’t move them. But why not let me center align my non-component element? It’s a regular element, it can be moved.

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Screenshot 2021-06-23 190944
In the screenshot above, the “status” column header is a regular, non-component text layer. “Active User” badge on the other hand is inside a “table row” component so it can’t be moved. But why not let me select those two objects and click “center-align” so that the “status” element moves to where it needs to be?

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