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Unable to add members to my education team

I’ve waited for more than one hour but I keep receiving the following message when I try to invite my students to my education team: “You’ve made too many recent attempts. Please try again later.”
I wasn’t able to add any student :frowning:

Do you know if there is a longer cool time for add students?

But have your students verify their Education status beforehand ?

@Carlos_Santos We are aware of this limit, and how it specifically affects Educators / education accounts and looking to modify those set limits. Right now the wait time is about a day. Let me know if I can help in any other way!

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@Carlos_Santos starting today we increased the limit of invites for education accounts. Feel free to reach out if you have any additional issues with invites or any other questions in general. Thanks for chiming in!


@Carlos_Santos one thing that I would like to add to this thread. If you set up an education team, and invite students to the team, and create a document in that space, you will not hit a limit. Right now the limits are set on loose files in the drafts. This is a spam reduction measure.

Make sure you apply for an education account at and have your students do the same. This will give you the ability to work with them on a team the same way professional teams work.

Happy to help out if you have any questions getting that set up.


Thank you for all the help.
I was able to invite all students, but it’s a really poor experience. I will try to explain it.
First time I just created the team and add about 12 students invites. The interface allows to add this number of students but I think the backend has a limit of 10 invites in a time frame. With this I was locked to invite anyone for a long time.
Second try I invite one by one and it worked ok for 10 or 11 students. After that I was locked by too much invites. I needed to wait another day to be able to invite the rest of the students.

Thank you @miggi
Next time will be much easier :slight_smile:

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Hi, I am trying to do exactly what you said: “set up an education team, and invite students to the team, and create a document in that space, you will not hit a limit”. But I can’t invite more, it keep saying too many attempts. How long for the cooldown time? My class will start in the next 6 hours and I still cannot invite all of my students :sob: . Please help

Try to not touch it for 1 hour and try after that.

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Did it work?

No @Gleb, I tried twice, each times seperated by 1 hour, it didn’t work

Oh, then the timeout must be longer. I know that the login attempts timeout is 1hr that’s why I suggested that. @miggi any ideas?

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Hi @Tram_Ky a few questions.
1.) Do these students have different domain emails? i.e. @gmail, etc?

  • If so, and your account is relatively new, you may get rate limited, this doesnt happen if everyone is on the same account. Figma does this so as to avoid getting designated a spam domain.
    2.) Send me an email if you keep experiencing the problem. I can flag your account so as not to have this limit impact your team invites. Please let me know what was the detailed actions you took that caused the invites to lock up, so that I may best understand your scenario.
    3.) In the meantime, You can invite them to individual files within the team, use the share button and set individual permissions as they enter the document.
    (also, it cane take up to a day for the limit to pass)

Here is a workaround to get students into the documents for the time being if you are still encountering the limits: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Once again the limits on the team invites are taking place because there are invites going out to a bunch of different email domains sent from a newer account. We are aware how this limit affects classrooms and education use specifically and are working to resolve it. Thanks for your patience :slight_smile:

I have more context on this. The limit you are hitting could also be that your account is less than a week old. Can you confirm this?

Hi @miggi , yes my account is less than a week old. Now all my students are in, after I waited for 24 hours.
And yes, one of my students use different domains email that I didn’t recognize, I removed that email and added his personal email - that might was the problem.

I faced a another limit request agains today, when I created a new project and 3 diffenrent files for 3 diffrerent groups of student. I want to limit the edit access to each file, so I added each of students of each group to the file, but now it hit the limit again, even though they are all the same team.

Have you tried creating projects, and inviting them selectively to the projects? Also, your invite limits will go up considerably after a bit of use, also if everyone is on the same domain, i.e. “” you shouldn’t be hitting them.

As I mentioned before, if you continue to hit these limits after about a week of use, send me an email, include a screenshot of the limit warning at, and I am happy to help take care of it.

Just an update, all education teams now have the option of sharing an invite link when you go to invite students to your education team, in lieu of sending email invites.

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