Typeface appears as one weight, and when I click into text box it changes to another lighter condensed weight

Hi! I’ve had this issues on a few different projects over the last couple of years. When designing in Figma, I will be using a type family weight throughout, for example Arial Black. It will appear as Arial Black throughout the frames, but when I click into the text box it’ll change to Arial Narrow. Like if I highlight the live text, it’ll automatically change. This is whether or not its attached to a typestyle. Does anyone have any insight into solving this issue? More often then not, it occurs when multiple people are editing the file.

These kinds of strange font issues are nearly always caused by the use of conflicting font files across your team. This means that editors on a file are using different versions of the font with slightly different sizing or spacing which then affects the file each time it is opened by someone with a different version.

Our Help Center has more information about resolving this kind of issue: Manage conflicting fonts

We suggest that you have all editors remove these fonts if they are locally installed. Then please ask all editors to install the same version locally. After doing so you will need to restart Figma to serve the correct font version.

If this is affecting component appearance you can launch quick commands (cmd /) then use the “Regenerate all instances” tool to refresh all of your instances at the same time.

If it is affecting text or style appearance or settings outside of components you can use quick commands to “Select all with same font” and then “Recompute text layout in selection.”

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